Important notice:  If you have applied or are planning to apply for a Canadian Criminal record suspension, a recent Federal Court decision has resulted in changes to eligibility. Read more about The Parole Board’s Record Suspension Process here.

You can apply for a Criminal Record Suspension  through The Parole Board of Canada or through The Federal Board of Appeals & Judicial Reviews of The Most High Supreme Court of Justice Administration. Your eligible if you:

  • were convicted of a criminal offence in Canada under the criminal code act of Canada as an adult;
  • were convicted of a crime in another country and were transferred to Canada.

To apply for a record suspension, you must have completed all of your sentences, which includes:

  • all sentences of imprisonment, conditional sentences, including parole and statutory release;
  • any probation order(s).

Note: If you have a prohibition order, it does not need to be expired before the waiting period begins.

After completing all of your sentences, you must have completed a waiting period:

  • 1 year after completing your sentence (for summary convictions), 2 – 5 years for federal offenders
  • 1 -2 years after the conviction for a summary offence.
  • 2 – 10 years for an indictable offence (or a service offence under the National Defence Act for which you were fined more than $5,000, detained or imprisoned for more than 24 months).

*Any Misjudgements discovered through The Federal Board of Appeals & Judicial Review Board of The Supreme Israelite Court, shall be deemed as “Unjustified Incrimination” of Indigenous / Negro / Israelite racialized persons, wrongfully convicted for non-violent offences imposed under sections of the Criminal Code. Exceptional cases as such, shall be noted on the record as: a miscarriage of justice & any such criteria, will not be considered in determining eligibility for a criminal record suspension specifically exclusive for law enforcement officer’s applying to The Board to meet eligibility requirements & standards justified The Federal Law Enforcement & National Security Intelligence Agency of The Israelite Government Sovereignty Justice Administration. All Rights Reserved.

You are not eligible for a record suspension if you have been convicted of:

Before you start, check your eligibility to apply for a record suspension by using the PBC’s Online Self Assessment Tool.